Some of the Maltese and Maltese-mix dogs we take into our care each year have already lived a lifetime. They come to us with health or behavioral issues that prevent them from ever being adopted. We call them "Permanent Fosters," and we commit to providing a loving home and the care they will need for the rest of their lives. Your financial support is crucial to providing veterinarian check-ups, tests, surgery, medication, and training.

Won't you please make a generous to our permanent foster program donation today?


Thor is an amazing senior boy, who was thrown into a trash can and left to die. Miraculously, his fragile body was discovered and brought to a firehouse, where a fireman and his wife contacted MMR. A visit to the Veterinarian uncovered Thor's severe neurological health issues. His ability to walk and control his bathroom functions are compromised. Thor's foster parents love this sweet boy and are undaunted by his special needs. Won't you help us give Thor the continued medical care he deserves?


Archie lived a sheltered life for 7 years! His owner kept him indoors 100% of the time. He never learned to walk on a leash, or play with other dogs, and he is guarded around strangers. After 2 years in our care, he still exhibits fear, and lashes out when he is scared. His foster family is experienced with special needs dogs and has consulted with a professional trainer. MMR will provide the security and resources he deserves. Your contribution to his Vet and training costs are greatly appreciated!


Magee was surrendered by his owner after being hit by a car, and for his inability to be house-trained. His check-up revealed a severe grade heart murmur which prevents this 8-year-old from ever going under anesthesia for neutering or dental care. Nonetheless, he leads a happy life. His wonderful foster family monitors his condition with the Vet and makes sure he takes his heart meds. Will you help Magee with his medical testing costs?