Her "before" and "after" photos depict what greed and  indifference, versus compassion and involvement, can do. Angel was rescued by Kim Townsend (see the "No Puppymills" link below) on March 23, 1999 from 8 years of life in a cage at a Missouri puppymill. Angel came to her new home with Gail and Tony in Michigan terrified and stained from living in filth. Her teeth were so rotten they had to all be removed. Angel's whole body was being poisoned from the infection in her mouth. She suffered from a broken rib. The vet said she was kicked or hit with a blunt object. She never walked on grass, instead she was forced to walk on wires her whole life. Angel could not walk well because she was never given the exercise her leg muscles needed for proper development. Due to life in a cage and lack of medical care her nails were so long her feet became distorted. At the mill, she was only known by her USDA tag number. She was recently spayed and had two mammary tumors removed.

Angel's new Mom wrote recently about Angel's first walk through autumn leaves:
"Yesterday we took Cody, Ashleigh & Angel  to the park and she just loved crunching through the leaves. All I could think of was that first one she chased that day! Then she sits and watches the trees moving, watches the sky, it's like seeing some of the beauty in life through her eyes for the first time. The special things that God put here for us, seem to be the very things that she appreciates the most. Isn't that something!"

You can help Maltese rescue by purchasing one of Angel's Work tee shirts. Human t-shirts are $25, doggie ones are $15, which includes S&H. If you buy a set (one human plus one doggie), it's $35 including S&H. All the proceeds will be split between No Puppymills and MetroMalts. You can wear your shirt with pride, knowing that you are helping a good cause.

To place an order please email Gail at Maltesey2000@aol.com

Angel is now living with a family who dearly loves her.  But there are so many who will never have a chance. To learn more about the horrors of puppy mills and how you can help please check out these web sites: