Success Stories 1999

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RockyRocky is just two years old, but he spent his entire life as a "stud". Fortunately for him, he shot blanks, so the would-be backyard breeders who had owned him, left him (along with his "mate" -- see "Ellie") at a local groomer who contacted MetroMalts. Rocky, although incredibly cute, had never been treated as a pet so he had no "social skills". But MetroMalts found him a home with a couple in N.J. who understand the breed and how to train and housebreak a dog. His new Mom has told us how much they love him and all the joy Rocky has brought to their lives. Another perfect match!




BudahSugar was another dog left at the Brooklyn CACC.  He is only about five years old and has a wonderful outgoing personality.  So why would anyone give up a dog like this, you ask?  Well, his original owners never had him neutered, so he "marked" in the house, plus they said they developed "allergies" to him.  The first thing we did, after having him neutered, was to dump the name Sugar for Slugger.  After careful screening, MetroMalts matched Tami with Slugger.  It was, as one of our members likes to say, "KissMutt".  They loved each other immediately.  Tami decided that even our name needed improvement so she deemed him "Budha" and calls him "Bu" for short.  Well, Bu responded to his new name even better than his original one.  We think he knows this is who and where he was meant to be.



CandyHere is Candy, who, believe it or not, is a boy!  But he IS sweet. Candy came to us from a man who had adopted him in haste.  With a work schedule which kept him away for home up to 14 hours a day, he had been keeping poor Candy locked up in his garage for two months.  He was baffled that Candy barked incessantly and was not housebroken. Luckily, he was approached by a wise neighbor who convinced him to contact MetroMalts to find a good home.  While Candy was in foster, it was discovered that he suffered from severe separation anxiety (two months in a garage will do it).  MetroMalts found a wonderful home for Candy with a retired lady whose dog had recently passed away.  Candy is now in a loving, stable environment; his new owner is absolutely thrilled. And Candy grins all day long.


Emily and Bridget

Emily and BridgetThis is Emily and Bridget. They were not placed by MetroMalts, but we acted as consultant to their owner to assist in placement. Emily and Bridget are about 8 years old. Their original owner had died and her daughter was unable to keep them. But she wanted to do the right thing and find them a good home. She initially started the process herself, but MetroMalts gave her guidance on how to evaluate a prospective adopter and gave her our Adopter Agreement to use as a model. We also listed Emily and Bridget on our PetFinder page to give them internet exposure. Emily and Bridget found a wonderful new home with an older couple who will spoil them for many years to come.




When we found Kirby at the shelter, he suffered from myriad of health problems that left him a scrawny 7.5 pounds, when he should have been 12. He was surrendered by his owners to the shelter because they were having a baby and didn't want to deal with him anymore.  Obviously, they had chosen not to deal with him for some time given the state of his health -- all due to neglect. Kirby's new owners provide vet care, good food and lots of love. He has become a wonderful, affectionate boy who is a great pal for their other dog.  It took a while for Kirby to learn how to have fun and play, but as you can see from his big smile, he is having fun now!




We named him "Cassanova" because he came to us on Valentine's Day and because he is such a love. Cassanova's happy ending is the result of cooperation among National Maltese Rescue, The American Maltese Association and MetroMalts. All of these organizations came together to help this special little guy and responded to a request by the Brooklyn CACC to get him into foster care. Cassy (as he is now called) is about 8 years old. He had severe dental problems and congestive heart failure. He has flourished in his new home with two very special people, Rebecca and Joyia, who have not only taught him the typical "doggie"commands -- sit, stay, roll-over, etc. -- but have started him on Agility Training.  Cassy lives with two cats, as well as an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie. He doesn't seem to understand that he is the little tyke with a bad heart. He loves going to the big dog run and playing with his new family.  The first photo was taken in February, the second in May.



GiaGia is our little spitfire -- 4.5 lbs. of pure joy!  Despite her obvious charms, Gia was a two-time loser.  We never knew the circumstances of why she was brought to a shelter in the first place, but she was returned by her first adopter when they found out she had mammary tumors which would necessitate a rather costly operation to remove.  Because Gia, at six years old, had not been spayed, she was more prone to these tumors than a spayed dog.  But we got her into a foster home and had the operation (and spay) done.  We were relieved to learn that her tumors were benign.  What we also learned about Gia in foster care was that she suffered from severe separation anxiety.  With people around she was cool and calm, but try to confine her and she was crazed.  Luckily, we found a wonderful home with a retired couple who plan on traveling around the country in their new mobile home with Gia always beside them.  She worked particular magic on the man of the house, as she can spend hours on end peacefully sitting on his lap.  And he just loves it.  Way to go, Gia!



EllaElla was found by a nice Brooklyn couple in Prospect Park.  She came out of the bushes toward them as if knowing they would take her to safety. And they did... They located MetroMalts on the internet and brought her to us. Ella is about 8 years old and has obviously spent a life of physical and emotional abuse.  It was difficult to even touch her the first few days without getting nipped.  But we could tell Ella was not an aggressive dog, she was trying to protect herself and Ella is a survivor.  We can only guess, but we believe she was an urban puppymiller's dog who dumped her when she got too old to produce and started to need vet care.  We have learned, sadly, that this happens all the time. After a few months in foster care, Ella found the home of any dog's dreams. She now lives in a lovely house on a quiet street in New Jersey, with an owner who is with her most of the time. We are thrilled that Ella has been given a second chance with a wonderful, kind family.



winnieWinnie came to us from the Brooklyn CACC.  She was only one year old when she was left at the shelter by her former owner.  We figure Winnie was a "Christmas Dog" who was given as a Christmas gift without much thought.  After a few months, the original owners who probably did not have the time or understanding of how to train a puppy, decided to have someone else take care of their problem.  Winnie was quite a bit larger than our typical dog -- nearly 18 lbs. when she finally put on some much needed weight.  As her coat came in and her personality developed, we came to realize that Winnie was a Maltese/American Eskimo Dog mix.  She is beautiful, bright, and affectionate.  MetroMalts has placed her in a loving home with a big, fenced-in backyard and another dog for her to play with. Her new family is taking her to obedience training to be sure that Winnie has a chance to be the best dog she can be.  Winnie was always a good dog, now she will be a great dog!




Leo's only "problem" is one many of us can relate to.  He was just too big.  At six months old, he was 10 lbs., destined to grow to 12 or 14, and a petshop reject.  No one seemed to want a dog that wasn't within "standard".  What people couldn't see was his calm temperament, loving personality and incredible charm.  But Leo was lucky.  When his prospective new owners saw his photo on the internet, they fell in love with his sweet face.  They are amazed at how smart and wonderful he is. He was fully housebroken in one week's time.   He is now a beloved member of Barbara and Brian's family in Tribeca.  Barbara calls Leo a "relaxed intellect".  And what's really nice is that they love his size!  They are all lucky to have found each other.




MurrayMurray was another pet shop reject, just like his brother Leo. Although slightly oversized, Murray was still under 10 lbs. but at six months old no one wanted him. But MetroMalts found a family that did. When Maureen saw Murray, she thought he was just perfect. And Murray bonded right away with the whole family including Casey, their four year old Maltese, rescued from a shelter only one year before. Murray's new family is just amazed to think that Murray was overlooked by so many. He is one happy, loving boy who found the best forever-after home.



TaylorTaylor is such a beautiful little girl, but, sadly, was given to MetroMalts by her first owners. Their son was severely allergic to her even though they were told that the Maltese breed was "hypo-allergenic". They learned that the word "hypo" means LESS allergenic not NON allergenic. It was a tragic lesson, particularly for Taylor. But Taylor's new family had been looking for a second dog for quite some time and are thrilled to have her. Taylor is now their Tiffany's very best friend. As Taylor's new Mom says, "It's as if she has always been here." And Taylor's happy face shows that she agrees.



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