Success Stories 2000

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When the Brooklyn CACC called us about a one-year old female Maltese, we knew we had the perfect adopters. Karla and Karen had been looking for a match for their Felix and themselves. They wanted a playful, young dog that would connect with their sweet little guy. So they went to the shelter to meet this girl and brought her home. They named her "Beanie" and she turned out to be Felix's soulmate. And she is just a smart as she can be, quickly learning all sorts of obedience commands in school. It was true and wonderful fate that Karen, Karla and Felix found their Beanie!




Sebastian came from a shelter near Pomona, NY. Although he was a very sweet, loveable 6 year-old boy, he was a two-time loser. His original family no longer wanted him and he was returned by his first adopter because he "nipped" at a groomer. When we took Sebastian in, we understood why. He was so severly matted, any grooming must have been painful. Sebastian's luck quickly changed. Marleen had taken in other rescues and understood that gentle care was needed. Sebastian was a good boy who required a loving hand. He found the gentleness he craved with Marlene.






We got a call from the Smithtown shelter about a very lovely dog named "Bill". He was 6 years old with a bad heart and very bad teeth (we've learned that the two usually go together). No one had considered him for adoption, although he had a wonderful disposition. He got along with all animals -- human, canine and feline-- and was a favorite at the shelter. The shelter asked for our help, so we took him into foster. We took care of his dental problems and got him on Vasotec for his enlarged heart. We met Billy's new Mom at the L.I. Pet Expo. Kathleen had a rescue Greyhound, but wanted a Maltese because of their loving nature. Because she was a nurse, she had no problem with providing a daily medication and was thrilled to make Billy part of her family. Some things are just meant to be...


Cuddles & Lucy

Cuddles and Lucy

Cuddles & Lucy were a particularly sad case. They were 13 and 11 years old. In the same home all their lives, but their owners lifestyles had changed and they could no longer keep these dear ones. Luckily, Sherry and Bob saw them on the internet and their hearts melted. They wanted to insure that Cuddles & Lucy would be safe for the rest of their lives. Not knowing if they could handle four dogs (they had two young toy dogs already), they offered to foster until placement. A foster became a loving forever-after home, now Cuddles & Lucy know what lifelong commitment is... And so do Sherry and Bob.






Disney was an owner-surrender to the Brooklyn CACC. They listed her age as 10, but even the vet who examimed her for us could not believe she was over six, Disney was so cute and lively. We discovered that Disney had malignant mammory tumors, which is common with females dogs who are not spayed by age 5 or so. Although the cancer was removed, we were warned that it could recur at any time. Joy was a special friend of Disney's foster Mom. She had rescued several dogs before and had no qualms about taking a chance on Disney. We are most grateful that Joy wanted Disney. Joy is even more grateful for such a wonderful dog as our Disney.







Tony is a scamp. He was a stray rescued by the Brooklyn CACC. Just three years old and very street-wise, but with a face of an angel. His new family in Manhattan loved him on sight and were able to correct some bad behaviors (Tony LOVED to eat shoes!) He is now a special part of a loving family with Joan, Clem, Lucca & Kirby and was one of our featured dogs on our 2000 Holiday screen saver. Way to go, Tony!





Maddie - before  MADDIE - after

What a great personality! Maddie was left by her prior owners at the Brooklyn CACC, so matted and dirty. We also found out that she had a large kidney stone that our vet removed. Despite all this, Maddie was as friendly and cheerful as can be. Barb loved Maddie right away. She took her home to Westchester to live with her dog. Maddie fit it as if she'd always been there. We suspect Maddie just knew she was finally home. Here's a photo of Maddie the day she came from the shelter (even then, such a beauty) and Maddie on Barb's shoulder.




Nancy's first family moved away and left her abandoned in an apartment in the Bronx. The Manhattan CACC asked that we find this little four year old girl the best home, and we did! She was dubbed "Nancy", but her new Dad calls her "Lil Miss", so she is now known as "Lil Miss Nancy". She arrived in a home with three male Maltese and charmed each one of them, as well as the human inhabitants of the household. We think she is so precious. Rosemarie, Max, Bogie, Teddy and Oliver do too!






Here is OUR special Angel! At 11 years old, Angel's family had to find her a new home because she was frightened with young children in the home. Poor Angel was deaf and kept in a garage all day. Although she was getting on in years and without hearing, Angel was a lively girl who loved to go for long walks. She was so calm and sweet, all she needed was a little attention and love. Angel now has both in abundance with Ilona, Adam and four senior cats.






Cody was loved, for a while anyway. Bought as a birthday gift for a young girl, Cody was abandoned once his former friend left for college and her parents had no time for him. Cody was confused and scared. Liz and Jerry had recently lost their Tofu Pup and they were lonely, too. All three found each other. Cody now has loving, gentle humans to take him for long walks on the beach and who understand the gifts of love that a dog can bring. Cody is home for good.





Holly was a 10 year old girl who was brought to a NJ shelter because she wasn't "housebroken". She was found in the shelter by her special "guardian angel", Cheryl, who located MMR on the internet and asked if we could help. We got Holly out of the shelter and into a good home with Jennifer and Holly's new best friend, Hudson. What surprised everyone was that Holly was so sprightly, once again proving that a "senior" Malt is the best! Here is our beautiful Holly.






For such a young guy, Sam was bounced around a lot. At two years old, he was on his third home when we were asked to find him yet another. We were baffled (as we always are...) that such a dynamite dog would be unwanted. But his new family wanted him from the start and will never let him go. Sam's forever-after home on L.I. with Mom, Dad and two boys who love him, finally, as he deserves to be loved.





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At only three years old, Remy had already lived a full lifetime's worth of abuse and neglect. He was extremely fearful and kept outside day-in, day-out. We were able to get him from his owner before the cold winter began. Eva knew with Remy's history she'd have a challenge on her hands, but she loved him from the start. With the aide of a trainer/behaviorist, she is confident that, with time and love, Remy will learn to trust. We have no doubt that they'll both be successful.





Coconut is so handsome. He was brought to the Brooklyn CACC by a family with no time for him. Although he had initially been anxious, he settled down immediately when he was placed in his new home with Jillayne, Jan, JoJo and Cleo. It's as if he'd always been there. He loves to play with JoJo and Cleo in the park, and is now known as "CoCo", so he really feels like part of the family. Coco was a special Christmas present!






Gucci's first family bought her before they had children. Once they started having babies, they no longer had time to care for Gucci, so she spent most of her days locked in the bathroom. Such isolation never dampened Gucci's spirit, she remained a loving and friendly girl. Gucci is now in a home with Bev, Jerry, Tiffany and Taylor, where she is a welcome participant in all activities. Gucci will never be an outcast again!






Annie was given up to the S.I. CACC by her owners. She was so tiny, frail and frightened. When Annie's foster Mom, Barbara, saw her, all she could say was "But she's so BEAUTIFUL!" Annie was nearly 10 years old, unspayed with a large mammary tumor. Thankfully, the tumor was benign and Annie started to heal, both physically and psychically. A foster home became a permanent one, and now Annie is living with Barbara and her new younger brother, a Pom named Rocky.





Annie Mae

annie may


Annie Mae was rejected by a family who no longer had time for her and brought her to a local shelter. Annie Mae was only 7 years old, but had no teeth left after years of neglect. Despite her lack of attention, Annie Mae was a sweetheart and loved all creatures, be they canine or human. When Donna & Mike saw Annie Mae on the internet, they fell in love. They already had two Maltese girls, Cindy and Candy, and they knew Annie Mae would fit right in. And she did...






Cody was supposed to be a "problem". Cody's original family had very young children -- a bad match for the Maltese breed. At first considered to be a funny, little puppy, Cody was given no obedience training. Behavior that had been thought to be cute in a pup, became an issue with toddlers in the home. So at 1.5 years old, Cody was taken to a local Connecticut shelter because the adults of the family couldn't deal with him. After an initial adoption didn't pan out, the shelter was desperate. But Becky was there. She realized immediately that Cody's behavior was a result of never being given any instruction. She asserted her "alpha" self and Cody, being such a smart, good boy, responded. He is now in a happy home with three other rescue dogs. All he needed was someone to show him the way.


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